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Bridal Beauty Tips for the Morning of the Wedding Day

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On the morning of your wedding day, you'll be swamped with an overflow of emotions and nerves. You may even find yourself wondering what to do first and when to do what. It'll become a wake-up call of confusion, but before you know it, your beauty squad will arrive to get you glammed up for your wedding day. In order to help jump start your wedding morning, here are ten beauty tips to hug on tightly to the first couple of hours of your big day.

1. Stay Lazy

You may feel an urge to jump out of bed and start getting ready and doing a million things, but stay in bed a little longer. The more rest you can get in the morning, the better. So linger for a bit and try to relax.

2. Keep Water Close By

Stay hydrated throughout the day and start drinking those 8 glasses of water as soon you wake up in the morning.

3. Make Sure You Snack

You'll be rushing around all day and you may forget, or lack the time, to eat three full meals. Make sure to have healthy snacks around so you can eat on the go.

4. Take a Long Shower

There's nothing like a relaxing warm shower! If you have a bathtub in your room or suite, consider an early morning bath too.

5. Do a Little Exercise

Go for a walk or spend a half hour at the gym. You'll be filled up with extra endorphins and a kick of energy.

6. Moisturize Your Face & Body

You want to have that dewy bridal glow so make sure to slather the moisturizeron all over and let it sink in while you relax. Your skin will glow all day long.

7. Stash Baby Wipes 

These will be great to have nearby to freshen up throughout the day, especially after taking photos or spending quality time on the dance floor.

8. Opt for the Waterproof Mascara 

Even if you don't tear up easily choose waterproof mascara to ensure you'll be raccoon-eye free.

9. Toss the Salt 

Try and avoid salt before and on the morning of your wedding. It will save you from feeling bloated on your wedding day.

10. Bring Your Own Lipstick

You'll want your own lipstick nearby for touch ups throughout the day.




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