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Beat the Heat on your Wedding Day!!!

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Clear blue skies, radiant sunshine and the prevailing excitement are what make summer weddings so popular among brides. However the scorching mercury levels and sweltering heat can wreak havoc with the planning and execution of a perfect wedding, leaving any bride restless and uncertain and make the guests cranky. Here are our  Some top tips, which will help you make your summer wedding the coolest day for you and your guests!

Have your wedding ceremony by a pool, lake, sea or any water body to beat the heat on your wedding day. Even better have a pool party where your guests can cool themselves and enjoy your company in a post wedding party.

Try keeping your wedding ceremony post sunset when it is cooler rather than mid afternoon or morning. Keeping the ceremony short will also work in your favor.

Dressing up in heavy saris and formal suits can be very uncomfortable in this heat. A casual dress code will be appreciated by your guests.

The colors and fabrics that you use in the decor can go a long way in influencing the mood of your guests. Incorporate a lot of lightweight and breezy fabrics in bright summer colors like yellow, green, pink, blue etc. Tropical and beachy shades can also work for summer weddings.

For outdoor venues, provide your guests with things that will protect them against the sun. Scatter some fans, parasols, straw hats and sunscreens around the venue for your guests to use. You can also print your program booklets on hand fans, which your guests can later use.

In case your venue does not offer any kind of cover for your guests to escape from the sun, think about setting up temporary tents, umbrellas or any kind of shade for your guests to cool off under.

Take care of your guests and provide them with sufficient fluids to stay hydrated. Stock your bar or set up rustic counters for refreshing lemonades, ice tea, jaljeera or even aam panna. Interesting flavored popsicles, a traditional gola cart or even an ice-cream or a yogurt bar will be an instant hit among your guests.

Oily and heavy food will make the heat even more oppressive and should be completely avoided. Incorporate lot of fresh fruits, salads and veggies, fruit pies and some sorbet. Keep the food presentation as colorful as possible.

Edible icy favors are the best choice for summer weddings. Mini ice-cream cones, jars of ice cream sandwich, jars of yummy sorbet, jams or the classic Indian aam ras or lassi are perfect options for your summer wedding favors.



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