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Wedding Party Going!!!!!!

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Wedding parties are fun but can risk getting boring sometimes and may lose their pulse after a while. Here are some tips on how to keep your wedding party going and make sure it's one great big party!!

Good wedding entertainment which will keep the guests involved is recommended as this would give very little scope for guests to get bored or disinterested and leave your party early. Entertainment does not just include great wedding music; you could add a lot of other fun things like a photo booth with loads of exciting props. This will not only be a hit amongst guests, but will also give you some great shots for your guest photo book. Music is extremely important. A well-selected wedding song list will surely make your guests are on their feet. You can do a combination of recorded music and a live band.

You could also designate an area to shoot video messages, where guests can record personal messages for the couple. This would be interesting, as you can go over the recorded messages leisurely after the wedding or may be on your first wedding anniversary. If  your crowd is young and you are serving alcohol, you could include a few drinking games. These are fun and will surely spice up the mood of the party. If you have a mixed crowd, you could have a few stalls with a tarot card reader, a caricature artist or a bangle vendor who will make live bangles. These can keep the older crowd involved while your party goes on. You could also make a short video with details on how you and your partner met and share this with your guests. But remember to keep it short!!! One of the most important things is the food. You must make arrangements to serve food till late as guests may feel hungry if they are dancing till late. You need not keep the whole buffet open but a couple of live counters and a good selection of cocktail snacks should do.

Last but not the least, plan the flow well. This will allow the party to go on smoothly. Hope this tips from Easyshadi.com team help you pick the right wedding entertainment for your wedding!




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