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Have Fun with Your Wedding Photos!!!!

Category: Posted in Wedding Photography | Published on


Capture those funny shots and make your wedding album fun. Indian weddings are full of rituals and can get very emotional at times. Apart from your usual share of photos and candid shots, you can have some fun shots with your better half or friends or cousins or generally closed ones. These will bring back fond memories of how much fun you had on your big day.  Here are some of our picks of fun shots from weddings hope you like them too!

We love this fun loving bride who wants to be herself and not pretend to be the shy Indian bride. This is so fun! Imagine looking back at this picture many years down the line, the bride will actually remember the fun she had when secretly taking this crazy picture while she was all ready and set  and waiting to be called to the mandap by the pundit.


Here we have another fun Bengali bride going crazy while she performs a ritual known as Gaya Holud in which the bride and groom are covered with turmeric and presented ceremonial fishes dressed as bride and groom.

Who said ceremonies are boring?? Here is a picture of an amusing ceremony at a Hindu wedding. A very well captured picture where the bride and groom are enjoying one of the wedding games.

One of the must have photos in your wedding album. A lovely picture with your bridal party is so important; whether it is posed or candid. This is a picture you will want to frame and keep in your home. We love this one what a click! Lastly, not to forget the couple themselves! You must surely get some funny shots under wraps which you laugh over whenever you see them. We totally recommend this as this time will never come back, so make the most of your wedding!




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