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Bridal Beauty Tips for the Morning of the Wedding Day

Category: Posted in Bridal Beauty Tips | Published on


On the morning of your wedding day, you'll be swamped with an overflow of emotions and nerves. You may even find yourself wondering what to do first and when to do what. It'll become a wake-up call of confusion, but before you know it, your beauty squad will arrive to get you glammed up for your wedding day. In order to help jump start your wedding morning, here are ten beauty tips to hug on tightly to the first couple of hours of your big day.

1. Stay Lazy

You may feel an urge to jump out of bed and start getting ready and doing a million things, but stay in bed a little longer. The more rest you can get in the morning, the better. So linger for a bit and try to relax.

2. Keep Water Close By

Stay hydrated throughout the day and start drinking those 8 glasses of water as soon you wake up in the morning.

3. Make Sure You Snack

You'll be rushing around all day and you may forget, or lack the time, to eat three full meals. Make sure to have healthy snacks around so you can eat on the go.

4. Take a Long Shower

There's nothing like a relaxing warm shower! If you have a bathtub in your room or suite, consider an early morning bath too.

5. Do a Little Exercise

Go for a walk or spend a half hour at the gym. You'll be filled up with extra endorphins and a kick of energy.

6. Moisturize Your Face & Body

You want to have that dewy bridal glow so make sure to slather the moisturizeron all over and let it sink in while you relax. Your skin will glow all day long.

7. Stash Baby Wipes 

These will be great to have nearby to freshen up throughout the day, especially after taking photos or spending quality time on the dance floor.

8. Opt for the Waterproof Mascara 

Even if you don't tear up easily choose waterproof mascara to ensure you'll be raccoon-eye free.

9. Toss the Salt 

Try and avoid salt before and on the morning of your wedding. It will save you from feeling bloated on your wedding day.

10. Bring Your Own Lipstick

You'll want your own lipstick nearby for touch ups throughout the day.




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Bharti Singh is set to Marry

Category: Posted in Celebrity Wedding | Published on


Laughter Queen Bharti Singh might be flirting with every male celebrity on her shows, but in real life she is very particular about whom she wants to spend her life with, and that someone special is Harsh Limbachiyaa.

According to reports, the funniest woman on Indian television Bharti Singh is dating the writer of her show Comedy Nights Bachao, Harsh Limbachiyaa, and Bharti Singh plans to settle down towards the end of 2016.

Harsh and Bharti have been dating for quite some time now but have kept their relationship under wraps. However, the two never shy away from posing for pictures. Apparently, Bharti is also flaunting a ring gifted by Harsh these days

In a recent interview, Bharti revealed her wedding plans - 'he should be a mature and a quiet person,' she said. Bharti said she plans to settle down by the end of 2016, but did not reveal the name of her beau.

Like every other girl, I too have a dream of getting married. In fact, my parents want me to marry as soon as possible. However, I am planning to get settled at the end of 2016," she said.

Honestly, even I want to see myself as a typical housewife who is making chapattis for her children. I want to lead a normal life after marriage," she added.


When asked what kind of a life partner she dreams of, she said, "Since my profession is to make people laugh, usually people assume that whatever I speak, it is meant for a joke. But that's not true. When it comes to choosing a life partner, I want him to understand me. He should be a quiet personality with full of maturity. In reality I speak a lot, so I want him to listen to me very carefully and love me a lot."


Guess our dear 'Lalli' has found all these and more qualities in Harsh. Easyshadi.com wishes the cute couple a great life together!



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Category: Posted in Indian Wedding Traditions | Published on


Haldi, also known as Uptaan, is one of the most ancient parts of the Indian wedding traditions. According to Indian rituals, the Haldi ceremony is celebrated the day before the actual wedding ceremony. American brides often have this ceremony a week before their wedding day. 

 On the day of the Haldi ceremony, the haldi paste (made from turmeric and water) is applied to both the bride and groom by their relatives and friends. Historically, this ceremony is celebrated separately in homes of bride and groom, but nowadays, it is often done together. 

During the Haldi ceremony, the married female relatives of each household apply haldi on both bride and groom along with water. The haldi ceremony is said to remove any nervousness from the groom, as well as, bless the couple with fortune and prosperity. Turmeric, a natural exfoliate, so it is also applied to the bride's face so she will have sparkling skin for her wedding day. 

The bride's hands should be covered so the haldi doesn't interfere with her mehndi. Some people also add aata (flour) and rice to the Haldi, but that depends on which regional rituals you are usually follow. After the paste is allowed to dry the bride and groom shower (separately of course) and emerge glowing and ready to be married. 

During this time ladies will gather and sing folk songs around the dholki and food and drinks usually follow the bride and groom's re-entrance to the function.  The Haldi ceremony is a joyful occasion that can be enjoyed by all...



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Jewellery describing the Wedded Status of Indian Women..

Category: Posted in Indian Wedding Traditions | Published on


The wedding customs and rituals in India vary from state to state. But did you know that women in different parts of India wear particular ornaments to declare their marital status?  Let's look at the diversity in various cultures within the country. In most cultures it is the Mangalsutra which signifies the married status of women in India but the mangalsutra itself  has a number of variations. It is an important part of  Hindu weddings and symbolizes a bond of love. The tying of the mangalsutra is more of a social practice than a religious one which originated in south India and later travelled to north India. The term mangalsutra comprises of two words- Mangal which means sacred and Sutra means a thread or a cord.

Thali South Indian Bridal Jewelry:- In south India, it is known as Thaali. This is a thick gold cord with a gold pendant. The design of the pendant varies from community to community. Most times the pendant would have designs of goddesses or religious symbols with family crest or family monograms. 

Telugu  brides  wear two Thaalis. One is plain gold chain with a semi-circular pendant while the other is a chain with black beads. In Kerala the pendant is in the shape of a banana leaf which is considered very auspicious in the region. The Christians from Kerala have a cross embossed on the banana leaf shaped pendant. The night before the wedding, the groom's aunt extracts seven threads from the wedding saree and strings the pendant known as Minnu on to it. This serves as the Mangalsutra on the wedding day for a Christian Keralite bride and the silk threads are later replaced by a gold chain.

Konkani women wear a gold chain with coral beads and a Lakshmi pendant known as Kasithaali. The Lakshmi pendant signifies the bringing home of a goddess. In Karnataka, the Bunt community emphasize on the wedding ring. It is a v-shaped ring unique to the community known as Vadungila. 

In northern India, the most common and mandatory custom followed by married women is wearing the sindoor. Women from Bihar wear a black beaded chain with a gold pendant which is similar to the mangalsutra but is known as Taagpaag and toe ring known as Bichwa. 

In Maharashtrian community the mangalsutra comprises of two gold semi-circular hollow spheres known as Vati and the cord comprises of black beads interspersed with gold chain. The black beads are supposed to protect the couple from evil and unfavourable influences.

Bengali women wear a set of three bangles on each hand. Each set comprises of a red coral bangle, a white shell bangle and an  iron bangle. They also wear sindoor which signifies their marital status.

Gujarati women wear a nose stud to signify their married status while both Gujarat and Rajasthani women wear mangalsutra with diamond pendant.

Women from Himachal Pradesh wear special Suhagi jewellery gifted to them on their wedding day while Kashmiri women wear ear ornaments known as Dejhoor as a symbol of wedded status.

Though each region has its own rituals and customs there is some commonality and overlap between various cultures and even though the wedlock status is symbolized by different ornaments its significance remains the same. 




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